Intelligent Threat Awareness


Defentect Products

Defentect's DM3TM is our intelligent messaging platform which is central to all Defentect's solutions. DM3TM enables customers to add sensors of radiation and other threats to their security systems, controlling video surveillance cameras to document the location and nature of a threat. DM3TM is networked and managed over the Web.

DefenCallTM enables a user of smartphones (initially, the Apple iPhone) to broadcast information on his/her GPS location and raise an alert to people who are prepared to respond with help. Fully integrated with DM3, DefenCall has all the alerting and data transfer capabilities of our Gammatect line of sensors, yet is a primarily a personal safetey device. It's a personal panic button built into your phone.

Defentect's GT0TM is Defentect's Integration Device. The expense of upgrading analog systems to digital is often prohibitive. To enable intelligent messaging from a legacy sensor system, the GT0 embedded system combines an analog-to-digital converter, a small Linux computer and a communications module. This device can take output from analog sensors or other systems on the 'edge' of a network, format data and transmit it to DM3 for storage and messaging. Standard input methods include closed contact, RS232, relay, and USB.

Defentect's GT2TM is a Geiger-Muller based gamma detector. The GT2 detects gamma radiation above 50 microR/hr in less than one second and will detect a dirty bomb made with 60 curies of Cesium-137 at a distance of 29.5 meters, or about 100 feet. Sensors can be positioned adjacent to security cameras to provide visual identification of a threat. They can be hidden above ceilings or behind walls to prevent compromise by terrorists. GammatectTM has been validated at highly respected commercial radiation laboratories including Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Defentect's GT4TM is a scintillator-based gamma radiation sensor enabling real-time alerts and gamma radiation isotope identification in an unattended perimeter or portal network. If threat-level violations occur during a high gamma radiation count event, isotope ID and date are sent to DM3, triggering an alarm. GT4TM combines passive surveillance with active alarms and can be set to ignore medical or other benign environmental isotopes. Even high radiation areas may be monitored since the system automatically subtracts predictive background radiation. Set in 'patient mode,' individuals undergoing medical treatments pass without triggering innocent alarms.